Camp Padres Wrap-Up

LITTLE LEAGUE CAMP PADRES - Heading into our sixth consecutive year of Camp Padres, we had a record 66 registered for Little League, with the majority attending the Friday evening skills assessment and Saturday morning skill drill sessions.

LITTLE LEAGUE CAMP PADRES 2018  It was once again a fantastic introductory event for all our new and returning members to meet their teammates, coaches and club volunteers. Unfortunately, it may have put Sam Holland's new Bandits' contract in jeopardy, after one of our Little League girls "went yard" in a scrimmage game against him to close the camp! To stage such a wonderful program we need to recognise an impressive lineup of 30+ volunteers led by our Junior Director of Coaching, David West. Keith Land Dan Wilson David Hopkins James Hensley Jason Dingli Roxie N Ron Gooda Greg Morris Chris Wilson Shane Greer Nate Lord Jaiden Holly Liam O'Hea Neil Wilson William Prinkey Samuel Holland Peter Dunsdon Rod Lawrence Phil Overlack Mat Parker Alonzo Griffin Jr Gavin Thomas Jodie Cassidy Alex Turlea Conrad Charlot Kate West Jacob Hall Keith Sharpe Joanne Crotty Sally West Katrina Jane Wilson Janelle Dunsdon Well done all - bring on the Junior League Camp this Friday nigh


Under 15's Camp Padres - The Redcliffe weather was very kind to our Junior League Camp, holding off until we finished our skill testing on Friday night and again waited until we finished our morning sessions and scrimmage games on Saturday. Our Junior League numbers set off attendance at both our junior Camp Padres events to 100-odd participants! Thanks again to our Junior Director of Coaching, David West, for organising the camp and, of course, our merry band of club volunteers for making this such a memorable event: